Have you subscribed to or invested into holiday clubs or holiday ownership in the past? Due to recent legislation changes, these products have been deemed to have been mis-sold. Within our affiliated companies, there are dedicated teams of professionals and executives who are able to advise when there is redress outstanding for any clients who may feel they have a case. This service is totally free of charge as we are always looking for future business for our affiliated travel agencies. They start their investigation, and only after the point of completion, they seek a small commission for successful reclaim of monies. 


We understand as a Holiday Company, that many of our prospective holiday makers may be ´locked in´ to unwanted or inoperative timeshares or in financial deficit due to various holiday type scams that have left them out of pocket.

For this reason, as an additional and optional service, we can offer professional and competent advice on the reclamation of monies lost on an abundance of timeshare and vacation rackets.


  • Mis-Sold or embellished timeshare/holiday club purchases
  • Monies paid to companies with the promise of a sale that never materialised.
  • Investments into other holiday products with a promise of an 'exit' from your timeshare contract.
  • Not receiving a return from a timeshare or holiday product sold as an investment.
  • Long term or “in perpetuity contracts”
  • Deposits paid on the day of your purchase.
  • Timeshare or holiday clubs financed by credit.